Chandigarh now plans to start monorail services in the city

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Chandigarh now plans to start monorail services in the city

Chandigarh: The journey of the Chandigarh Metro now ended on the paper at Monorail. Now the Monorail has started on the paper to run. On Thursday a presentation was  given in a meeting by a private company. In the meeting, Chandigarh MP Kirron Kher, Advisor Parimal Rai, Secretary Transport Ajay Singla and the company's five representatives were present. It was decided in the meeting that soft solutions will definitely be searched to handle the increasing traffic in the Chandigarh.

It was said by a private company that if the monorail is planned then the cost would be much lower than the metro. About 14 Rs.14000 crore rupees need to be spent on the Metro project, while the monorail would cost Rs. 3500 crores only. The company said that whatever expenses will be incurred, it will have to bear by the UT government itself.

An Expert participated in the meeting from the Ministry has suggested to the Chandigarh administration that they first see that what is problem with transport systems in Chandigarh? Till then the problem will not be understood, it is no use to bring any big project. Now the company has been asked to study on behalf of the administration.

Just things were happening -

  • Planning on running monorail in 1997
  • In 2005, the administration reviewed the proposal to run monorail.
  • In 2006, meetings were held from the Punjab-Haryana Government. During this time, the idea of ​​Metro started on.
  • RITES reported in 2009 that the metro will be better.
  • 177 meetings occurred.
  • Delhi Metro Rail Corporation surveyed.
  • About 10 million rupees is spent.
  • The MP Kirron Kher opposed the Metro project in 2017. Later the Home Minister also said that the metro is not feasible in Chandigarh city.
  • In 2017, France's agency did not even tell Metro to be beneficial for Chandigarh.

In the presentation-

  • Monorail will have Single elevated tracks. The monorail will connect to the areas of Kharad, Girakpur, Panchkula and Mullanpur about 18 to 20 km.
  • 8000 to 10000 people will be able to travel in one time.
  • About 150 to 200 crores per km will be spent.
  • Monorail will run on electricity. Environmental problems will also be overcome.

Many study many confusions The officials believe that so many things in the study reports so far are not many things on which base should be determined that what is good to run in city? a metro or monorail. There is nothing clear about the conditions of traffic on which roads.

Chandigarh Administration will work on these solutions - Pool system: Transport Department will work with private firms on the car pool. The way the Ola and Uber have brought the sharing model, in the same way it will be permissible for private vehicle owners. People coming to an institute such as college-school or UT Secretariat will be able to pool the car in their friend circle.

Mini buses: The area will be used to run small buses on the sharing basis for more people from the same area, which will be used at the same time. It will run small buses for IT Park and other similar areas, where more workers can commute together. Private firms will be registered for this.

Traffic Rush: In Chandigarh there are some roads, such as the Middle Way, the South Road, the industry path, the traffic is more on the development path. There are some rounds about where to get more traffic especially in the morning and evening. There will be more traffic police in the peak hours at such roads and roundabouts. So that the jam does not work.

Buses and Route Plan: Connectivity is only for CTU buses for Panchkula-Mohali. About 400 buses are covering the local route of CTU. No local buses were run on behalf of Punjab. Some buses are being run from Haryana. Now it will be talked for better connectivity with both the State Government.

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