Alstom empowering Women for sustainable Rail Mobility in Coimbatore

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Alstom empowering Women for sustainable Rail Mobility in Coimbatore

Bengaluru, India (Urban Transport News): Alstom, the global pacesetter in intelligent and eco-friendly mobility solutions, is making remarkable strides in fostering women's leadership and expertise at its cutting-edge components manufacturing hub in Coimbatore. With an unwavering commitment to inclusivity and progress, Alstom has ensured that over 18% of its shop floor workforce in Coimbatore comprises women. These determined individuals have not only surmounted rigorous assessments, interviews, and training but have also proven themselves proficient in demanding core shop floor roles.

The groundbreaking initiative undertaken by these women is driving the transition from conventional pure-steel third rails to state-of-the-art steel-encased aluminum third rails. This transformation, scheduled to be accomplished within two years, holds significant promise for sustainable rail mobility on a global scale. The decision aligns with Alstom's resolute vision for enhanced efficiency, reduced environmental impact, and gender-inclusive growth.

Remarkably, these women, hailing from socially and economically marginalized backgrounds, have elevated their aspirations by pursuing technical diplomas. Through concerted efforts, they have emerged as shining examples of perseverance, both within their families and their communities. Beyond their professional contributions, these tenacious women are empowering themselves by aiding their families financially and even pursuing higher education to propel their careers further.

In the dynamic realm of diversity and inclusion, Alstom's Coimbatore facility stands as a testament to progress achieved. The women leading the charge are trailblazers, setting new standards and leaving their indelible mark across various dimensions:

1. Ramya Pechimuthu: Over the course of her nine-year journey with Alstom, Ramya's career trajectory evolved from a short-term trainee to a customer quality in-charge. Her adept handling of audits, coupled with her role in quality assurance, underscores her expertise. Balancing her responsibilities as a new mother, Ramya's commitment to quality remains unshaken.

2. Venkada Lakshmi: Rising from a trainee to a Team Lead in a short span, Venkada Lakshmi's impact on the Mumbai Metro Line and ICNG-Germany projects speaks volumes. Her achievements, including presenting to the Chief Operating Officer and Leadership Team, highlight her dedication and leadership.

3. Ramalakshmi Murugan: Progressing from a trainee to a Site Change and Configuration Engineer, Ramalakshmi's journey exemplifies continuous growth. Her proficiency in technical processes and her participation in Alstom's Super Skipper program underscore her excellence.

4. Thangamani Rangaraj: With over a decade of experience, Thangamani's journey from a trainee to a team lead showcases her growth. The provision of women-friendly initiatives, such as creche facilities, empowered her to maintain her professional trajectory after motherhood.

5. Elakiya Rajan: Elakiya's journey from a manufacturing trainee to a team lead spans eight years, punctuated by her pursuit of a Bachelor's Degree in Engineering. Her contributions to the Mumbai Metro Line 3 and her global engagements exemplify her versatility.

6. Suvalakshmi R: From an associate to a Team Lead, Suvalakshmi's unwavering dedication and leadership skills have propelled her. Pursuing her Bachelor's Degree in Engineering underscores her commitment to excellence.

7. Revathi Annadurai: As a Team Lead, Revathi has initiated and led projects, achieving impressive reductions in process time. Her journey from a Trainee underscores her unyielding commitment to growth and development.

8. Shanmugi R: Starting as a trainee, Shanmugi's progression to a Team Lead over seven years exemplifies her determination.

9. Sivapadmini Chinnamuthu: Sivapadmini's growth from a Trainee to a Team Lead supervising 30 employees demonstrates her leadership.

Alstom's sprawling Coimbatore facility, encompassing 15 acres, stands as a cornerstone in the development of components for global rail projects. This site not only supports Alstom's Indian endeavors but also caters to projects across Asia, Australia, Europe, North America, and South America. Its pivotal role in fostering diversity and inclusion reflects Alstom's unwavering commitment to progress.

The transformation of the Coimbatore facility is emblematic of Alstom's broader vision, aiming to achieve 25% representation of women in management, engineering, and professional roles by 2025. Furthermore, Alstom's recognition as a Top Employer in the mobility sector for the third consecutive year solidifies its dedication to creating a workplace that thrives on excellence and inclusivity.

In the heart of Coimbatore, Alstom is not merely transforming rail mobility but also empowering women to lead, innovate, and inspire change on a global scale.

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