Exclusive Interview with Chirag Sethi, Head-Railway Traction Business, Delta Electronics India

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Exclusive Interview with Chirag Sethi, Head-Railway Traction Business, Delta Electronics India

Chirag Sethi has been working as a Business Head - Railway Traction Power for Delta Electronics India.

Delta is operating since 2003. Delta Electronics India Private Limited, is a leading power and energy management company in the country. Delta operates in three business categories: Power Electronics, Automation and Infrastructure. It has a legacy of operating in India with market leadership in Telecom Power Solutions, Renewable Energy Solutions and Display Solutions. It is also a leading provider of Industrial Automation Solutions, UPS & Datacenter Solutions, EV Charging Solutions, Rail Transportation Solutions, Energy Storage Solutions, DC Fans & Blowers, and Components. With fourteen regional offices, four manufacturing facilities (Rudrapur, Gurgaon, Hosur and Krishnagiri) and two R&D centres (Gurgaon and Bengaluru), Delta has a strong presence across India with more than 200 channel partners.

In a recent intraction with Urban Transport News, Chirag shared his views on urban mobility and told Delta's contributions in urban transportation sectors in India.

How do you rate the developments in urban transport and mobility modes in India?

India is seen as a nation that is working to improve its logistics and supply chain network in order to keep up with the GDP development, which is visible in both the road and rail sectors as well as in the country's roads and highways. Dedicated freight corridors and a big fleet of freight locomotives are helping Indian Railways fulfill their ambitious goal of dramatically increasing their market share in the freight industry. Modern facilities, nicer/comfortable trains, and station infrastructure are being renovated as part of the railways' equally high priority to offer better passenger services.

Where do you see your organization placed in this phase of mobility transformation?

With our broad product portfolio of power supply solutions, which includes UPS, video walls, EV charging, automation, and power quality solutions, Delta Electronics is making a significant contribution to the provision of solutions for a dependable backbone for the needs of urban transportation.

Tell us about the services offered from your end in easing the urban transport modes?

It is especially important to mention Power Quality Solutions for Substations, a recent Delta development that is assisting mainline and metro operators alike in resolving power quality issues. Delta has undertaken brownfield projects on a turnkey basis and has an experienced project team for them.

The solution has been successfully put into use and has been running for more than three years.

Can you name your key clients/landmark projects?

We have implemented power quality improvement projects for Southern Railway and Chennai Metro (CMRL), where we provided fully dynamic solutions to improve power factor and minimize harmonics in traction and receiving substations, ensuring compliance with power quality regulations.

What about your role in ensuring sustainable and eco-friendly solutions?

Energy efficiency is engrained in the DNA of Delta Electronics as an organization, and the same is reflected in its product development, which is centered around bringing highly efficient products to its customers.

For instance, our power quality solutions for traction sub-stations are based on the latest multilevel inverter topology, designed to connect directly at the 25 kV voltage in the sub-station, thereby bringing high efficiency and low lifecycle costs for the customers.

What are your expectations from 2023 and brief us about your growth agenda planned ahead?

The demand for Delta's Power Quality and other solution offerings is anticipated to rise significantly as a result of the Indian Railways becoming entirely electrified and the introduction of Metro projects in various cities.

From our end, we have built sufficient capacity in our Indian plants to deal with the increased demand. We are also aligning our supply chains to effectively meet and satisfy the needs of our customers.

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