Vinh Hung JSC dominate export market during Covid-19 with Cross-Border Business Model

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Vinh Hung JSC dominate export market during Covid-19 with Cross-Border Business Model

The Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped commercial activities around the world. With 65% of global buyers looking for partners through online channels, businesses are now forced to change their traditional business models to match their customers' shopping behavior.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, many Vietnamese enterprises such as VINH HUNG JSC has quickly adapted and fully exploited to the potential of online platforms, burning all borders for unlimited export.

Digitizing the sales process

Making the most convenience out of the online platforms, nowadays export team members just need to sit at the office and still able to sign million dollars export contracts through online channels.

Ms. Jessica Nhung – Oversea Sale Supervisor of Vinh Hung JSC said that during the Covid-19 outbreak, despite of working from home, she still signed many contracts with big partners and contractors in the Philippines: Meeting and interacting with customers through occupation groups on social media; introducing enterprise, products or discuss with partners, customers through applications such as Google Meet, Zoom, etc.; customers even do not need to go directly to the factory for inspection before shipping products.

In addition to the sales process, Vinh Hung JSC also completely transforms into digitalization for the administrative and internal management processes through Base - an online business administration platform that allows connecting all departments and storing data. As a result, employees only need to create an online request for submiting documents or proposing problems and it will be quickly processed by the person in charge and appoved by the board of directors. Therefore, despite working from home, the progress of export and domestic business activities are not affected.

“Cross-border business” through e-commerce platform

Online business seems to have helped Vietnamese businesses break all their own limits and reach out to the world. Producing and supplying steel structures is one of the specific industries, but by exploiting the maximum potential from the Alibaba ecosystem, while constantly learning and changing business strategies, Vinh Hung JSC has approached many potential customers from this B2B e-commerce platform.

A representative of Vinh Hung JSC said:

Starting from a domestic trading, manufacturing and construction enterprise, although Vinh Hung's products meet international standards and have very competitive prices, it takes after a long time working and re-searching the market, this business can approach to the first customers. Thereafter starting to operate booths on e-commerce platforms like Alibaba, Vinh Hung's steel structure product brand has been sought and asked by many partners.

The operation of booths on e-commerce floors requires agility and understanding of customers in the target market to build a unique booth. Especially, the professional skills and foreign language skills of the sales team must be sure to be able to exchange information and contracts with customers.

Vinh Hung JSC Products

Earning a million dollar contract in Covid-19 pandemic time.

With  drastic and agile anti-pandemic, we are focusing on enhancing digital transformation, increasing online interaction with customers, implementing remote working and automation methods, Vinh Hung JSC has achieved positive revenue results in the export segment particularly and in business activities generally.

Specifically, in 2020, Vinh Hung JSC was honored to receive the "ASEAN Typical Enterprise 2020" award thanks to its sustainable competitiveness, positive contributions to national economic development and international relationship.

For export activities, in the first 6 months of 2021, Vinh Hung has signed contracts to supply steel structural products with a total value of nearly 1 million USD for some key national projects in the Philippines such as: Cebu Cordova Link Expressway Project, Malolos - Clark Railway Project, Panglao Offshore New Connector Bridge Project.

Currently, the enterprise is setting goals and strategies to continue to expand exports to other markets in Asia such as India, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Bangladesh.

It can be seen that the Covid-19 pandemic has reshaped commercial activities around the world through a series of digital transformations. This is an opportunity for businesses that dare to change and have ability of flexibly transform to dominate the international market.

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