Three strategies for quality control in manufacturing as per Vietnamese Transport Enterprises

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Three strategies for quality control in manufacturing as per Vietnamese Transport Enterprises Vinh Hung QC team and SGS representative inspect products before exporting (Photo: Vinh Hung JSC).

Implementation of international quality standards in management and production systems; investment in modern machinery and technology; In the meantime, prioritize the development of the Engineering experts are the three key factors that Vinh Hung - the leading transport mechanical manufacturing enterprise in Vietnam is applying for strictly control production quality.

In the traffic mechanics industry, compliance with standards to ensure quality in production is the ultimate responsibility of manufacturer, because a small error can affect structure of whole project, and disaster can happen to businesses. A machine failure in production process can be life threatening. Those are the reasons why quality control in transportation mechanical engineering is always a large and complex process.

Begin from human resources…

Faced with the constantly changing economy, on the understanding that strengthening human resources is considered the key for businesses to quickly improvise and improve their competitiveness in the market, Vinh Hung JSC has established a training and development budgets for employees and built a professional human resource management.

Each year, the enterprise has in-house training plans and set aside a budget to organize certificate training courses related to traffic mechanics industry. Through training and coaching, employees not only improves skills and professional knowledge, but also is given rights and duties to manage their own works proactively and effectively.

In addition, the quality management system QMS: ISO 9001: 2015 was also implemented, combined with Base - an online business administration platform that allows connecting all departments on one platform, digitizing and standardizing all operations. Then, all processes from receiving orders, manufacturing to imports and exports are operated smoothly to minimized errors and remove waste and inefficiency.

Implementation International standards

Working on a global scale, applying International standards is one of the fastest ways of demonstration quality, compatibility and consistency to create a common language when dealing with customers. Understanding that, Vinh Hung has applied international standards for products and production processes.

Specifically, Vinh Hung is the first enterprise in Vietnam to manufacture traffic mechanical products according to EN 1090 - EU's standard for steel structure factory. When applying standards such as EN 1090 or QMS: ISO 9001:2015, Vinh Hung has chosen the world's leading corporation Bureau Veritas as an independent testing, inspection and certification unit for its production processes. The selection of Bureau Veritas shows that the company has attached special importance to forming a professional working and production process from the very beginning. Besides, some specific standards of key markets that Vinh Hung is approaching such as IRC 83 standard (Indian market) are also studied and implemented by Vinh Hung to export products to this country.

In order to help employees maximizes their efforts on what they do best, standards for each stage of production are applied throughout each department. From input materials, semi-finished products to finished products are inspected by specialized QC department in independent laboratory with modern machinery system. For example, the welding process at Vinh Hung is carried out in accordance with Welded Manufacturing Quality Management System ISO 3834-2  by team of welders who are recognized with AWS certification. With the standard welding process according to ISO 3834-2, every stage in fusion welding of metallic materials ensures traceability full-stage to identify, control, prevention and handling of non-conformity in the process.

“Implementing standards is the best way for us to gain knowledge from the world's leading experts. That means we don't have to waste effort in the wrong places but can focus on making the best products.” Mr. Vo Ta Luong - General Director of Vinh Hung JSC shared.

With the process of controlling product quality in accordance with international standards and competitive price, Vinh Hung has been quickly received trust and cooperation from world leading contractors such as Acciona, Hyundai E&C, Daelim Construction, Rubrica Engineering, etc. to provide a series of steel structure products for large-scale projects in the Asia: Malolos – Clark railway project ( MCRP - Philippines), Cebu Cordova Link expressway bridge project, the longest bridge project in the East South Asia Temburong (Brunei), etc.

Innovating with Technology 4.0

Looking ahead, Vinh Hung is exploring how it can tap on 4.0 Technologies to further enhance its productivity and accelerate its growth. Mr. Vo Ta Luong explained: “For Vietnamese transport mechanical manufacturing enterprises, opportunities are opening up enormously in the context of Asia's massive infrastructure development. Instead of buying more machines or hiring more workers to expand production, we are aiming to train high-quality human resources with modern machines, databases, and robots.”

Since the Covid-19 epidemic has not occurred, Vinh Hung adopted simple digital tools such as centralizing data on Google Cloud Platform, digitizing the entire administrative process on Base platform and reaped benefits. When the Covid-19 epidemic spread, businesses were allowed operated with only 50% of employees, but the jobs were still controlled, operated smoothly and human errors was eliminated thanks to the programming of these tools.

It is the connection, availability and interoperability of the information system throughout the enterprise, from the administration department to the manufacturing plant that is the foundation for the information system in the 4.0 era. “We believe that with the right direction and the support of technology, Vinh Hung will develop very quickly to compete with 100-year-old brands in the field of transport mechanical engineering. The world today is no longer a place where big fish eat small fish, but where fast fish eat slow fish." – Mr. Vo Ta Luong shared.

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