Our CEO's Message on 5th Foundation Day of Urban Infra Group

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Our CEO's Message on 5th Foundation Day of Urban Infra Group

Urban Infra Group which leads three organisations - Urban Infra Communication Private Limited, Urban Transport News and Metro Rail Today - has celebrated its 5th Foundation Day on 24th July 2022. The group is engaged in delivering quality services (Media, Research & Advertising) to Urban Infrastrucure Industry since its inception and has achieved many heights in the Railways, Metro Railways, Transportation & Urban Infrastructure Industry.
On the auspicious occasion of Urban Infra Group’s 5th Foundation Day, the founder of our organization Mrs. Mamta Shah penned down a few words and presented a thanksgiving note to the entire Urban Infra Group family.

Dear Team,

Urban Infra Group officially turns 5 today. Looking back on this journey of five years, we feel thrilled and overwhelmed with joy. This journey of 5 years was no less than a roller coaster ride- full of ups and downs, but eventually, through innovation, trust, and excellence we found our path to success.

Back in 2018, when Urban Infra Group started its operation, we were a small team of enthusiastic people with a well-defined vision and eagerness to grow. After 5 years of hard work, we have gained more experience, strengthened our skills, and have done many collaborations but we remain as ambitious as we were in the beginning. Celebrating 5 years of Urban Infra Group, we highly appreciate all our employees, clients, and partners – people who made our company’s success possible.

The world is witnessing a crisis of unprecedented nature, and the times are indeed challenging. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, our revenues were at par in 2020, but with the continued support, discipline, and cooperation of our employees, we have managed to survive and even grab some new businesses this year. Our entry into Industry events  is surely some great progress we have made this year. Urban Infra Group and its publications - Urban Transport News & Metro Rail Today have gained amazing readership worldwide. Currently, our publications have more than 20 millions readers in 200 plus countries.

As important as it is to keep on striving for success, we also need to sustain our present efforts to be able to, as fast as possible, return to the path of prosperity and development. There is no doubt that the crisis has brought about irreversible changes in the ways we work and collaborate. Urban Infra Group has always been a pillar of support for all its employees and clients.

All in all, we are proud to have such a strong and enthusiastic team, and as a token of appreciation, we would be rewarding bonuses to our employees. As our progress is rewarding, we are very excited to maintain this trajectory. I truly believe our passion will help us build on the solid business foundation we’ve laid with commitment, respect, and a sustainable approach, during these 5 years. 
Happy 5th Foundation day to all and hope there’s many more to come!!!
- Mamta Shah
CEO & Managing Editor
Urban Infra Group

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