How Automotive Industry Is Performing Across The World?

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How Automotive Industry Is Performing Across The World?

The automotive industry is known to design, develop, manufacture, market and sell motor vehicles. During 2008, more than 70 million motor vehicles were manufactured worldwide, including cars and commercial vehicles. Reportedly, in 2007, a total of 79.9 million new vehicles were sold worldwide: 22.9 million in Europe, 21.4 million in the Asia-Pacific region, 1.94 million in the United States and Canada, 4.4 million in Latin America, 2.4 million in the Middle East and Africa. 1.4 million in. Markets in North America and Japan were stagnant, while South America and other parts of Asia grew strongly. Among the major markets, China, Russia, Brazil, and India saw the fastest growth. There are approximately 250 million vehicles in use in the United States. Worldwide, there were approximately 806 million cars and light trucks on the roads during 2007; They burn 260 billion gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel annually. The numbers are increasing rapidly, especially in China. In 2008, with rapidly rising oil prices, industries such as the automotive industry are experiencing pricing pressures combined with raw material costs and changes in consumer purchasing habits. The industry is also facing increasing competition from the public transport sector, as consumers are reassessing their personal vehicle usage. About fifty of the fifty-one light vehicle plants in the US have been projected to be permanently closed in the coming years, with the potential for another 200,000 jobs lost, in addition to the 500,000 jobs lost this decade in the region. After experiencing huge growth in 2009, China has emerged as the largest vehicle manufacturer and market in the world. On the other hand, India is also one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. Since the country's independence, industry sectors such as automobiles, textiles, and agriculture have grown. The support received from the government and welfare schemes has promoted these areas for steady and progressive development. Of these, the automobile industry has developed like never before. The Indian auto industry is large both in production and sales globally.

Major Players of Automotive Industry

When it comes to the major players of the automotive industry, let us tell you that the history of this industry finds its traces in Australia. Let us give you a brief about the automotive industry in the key countries.


Australia first began production of cars, with cars made by the Torrent Motor and Engineering Company in 1897. The first major Australian carmakers were Ford Motor Company of Australia and then Holden.


In 2007, the Brazilian automotive industry produced around 3 million vehicles. Most major global companies are present in Brazil; Such as Fiat, Volkswagen Group, Ford, General Motors, Nissan, Toyota, MAN SE, Mitsubishi, Mercedes-Benz, Renault, etc. Trollor, Marcopolo S.A., Agrell, Randon S.A. among other emerging national companies.


Presently Canada is the 11th largest automaker in the world (according to 2008 data) when it was ranked 7th a few years ago. Recently Brazil and Spain surpassed Canadian production for the first time. Canada's highest-ever status was between 1918 and 1923 as the world's second-largest producer. The roots of the Canadian auto industry can be traced to the very beginning of automobiles. Large-scale automobile production in Canada took place in 1904 in Walkerville near Windsor, Ontario. The first year of operations, Gordon McGregor and Wallace Campbell, along with a handful of workers, produced 117 models "C" Ford vehicles at the Walkerville Wagon Works factory.


China's automobile industry has been developing rapidly since the year 2000. In 2009, 13.83 million motor vehicles were manufactured in China, beating Japan as the largest automaker. Furthermore, with total sales of 13.64 million, China became the largest automobile market in the world for the entire year 2009, where it also dominated the United States. The top nine car sellers for the year 2009 are Volkswagen, General Motors, Hyundai, Nissan, BYD, Cherry, Honda, Toyota, and Geely. To save time and money for vehicle owners and drivers, iCompario provides fuel-card and fleet management services. "We’re dedicated to helping you save time and money when it comes to your fuel-card and fleet management needs. We provide clear information so that you can apply for a product that meets your specific business needs", said the website of the company. In some opinion, the car-based urban transport system has not been sustainable, with high energy expenditure, affecting people's health and declining service levels despite increased investment. Many of these negative effects are also affecting mismatched social groups that are less likely to buy or drive their own cars. Sustainable transport movements address these problems.

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