Everything Travellers Need to Know About Local Transport in Goa

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Everything Travellers Need to Know About Local Transport in Goa

Over the last few decades, Goa has become a popular holiday destination for globetrotting tourists. With much on offer in relation to attractions and entertainment, there is a need for the state’s transport system to be user-friendly and modern. So, let’s take a look at Goa’s local means of transport and highlight a few destinations that may be sought by travellers – and how easy it is to get there.

Just How User-Friendly is the Transport System?

With a population of approximately 1.4 million, Goa is one of India’s smallest states. That said, there are several ways to get around Goa, with various public transport options for all different types of people. Because of that, and due to the fact that this is a popular destination among tourists, taxis are commonplace in holiday-related spots.

Although many of the state’s towns are spread out, resulting in trips between two locations taking, on some occasions, upwards of two hours, the price of a taxi remains fair. Taking a taxi from Goa Airport (GOI) to Candolim – which is, at shortest, a 22-mile trip – costs between £13 and £16. However, for those looking for a more negotiable fare, motorcycle taxis may be a more appealing alternative While conventional taxis are ideal for medium to long-distance journeys, they perhaps aren’t the recommended choice for shorter trips while in Goa.

Furthermore, if you’ve travelled as part of a larger group, then tuk-tuks, a staple of Indian transportation, are easy to find and allow for up to four passengers. That said, this is one area that could be improved, with no meter system currently in place meaning that you could, theoretically, be charged over the odds. Moreover, there are also cheaper, more fixed options for those seeking more freedom regarding travel, with many towns and villages hiring out both geared and non-geared bikes, which could cost anything from £2 to £11 depending on the model.

Types of Attractions and Entertainment Sought by Visitors

Despite being small in relation to its population, there are many reasons why so many seek to visit the state on India’s southwestern coast. From casino roulette entertainment to four-tiered waterfalls, there’s something for everyone. Located on the Goa-Karnataka border, the Dudhsagar Falls is one of the state’s most scenic destinations.

Standing at over 1000 feet high, the falls located on the Mandovi River are among the tallest in India. In terms of transport, many travellers take advantage of Goa’s local taxi services before then hiring a Jeep to get even closer to Dudhsagar Falls. Alternatively, you can also reach the falls by using the train to travel the bulk of the journey before covering the last few miles on foot.

Additionally, Goa is commonly chosen among tourists due to the state’s offshore casino entertainment. Establishments such as Deltin Royale Casino, for example, have benefited from the rising popularity of online operators like LeoVegas, who now offers online roulette in India, with heightened numbers of people seeking immersive casino experiences.

The Goa-based casino has been influenced by the successes of live roulette online and is one of several casinos that now provide live in-house entertainment. From a local market standpoint, the numerous variants of roulette games that can be found online at platforms like LeoVegas, have resulted in establishments all across the globe embracing distinct versions of traditional titles. 

While Indian Roulette and Flush have long been popular in Goa, Deltin Royale Casino now also offers American Roulette, which is testament to the accessible and diverse nature of roulette online at operators such as LeoVegas.

Well-Connected Transport Capable of Showing the Best of Goa

Ultimately, despite its size, the local transport system of Goa is user-friendly in nature and competitive in price. Due to the state being well connected, tourists can conveniently travel between towns and villages to view some of the most sought-after Indian attractions. From offshore casinos which have grown in popularity because of the rise of online operators like LeoVegas to scenic waterfalls, travellers can see the best of India through Goa’s modern transport system.

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