RITES to prepare revised DPR of Varanasi Light Metro Rail

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RITES to prepare revised DPR of Varanasi Light Metro Rail

Varanasi, India (Urban Transport News): The detailed project report (DPR) of the proposed light metro project being prepared for smooth traffic in Varanasi will now be revised. In this regard, Varanasi Development Authority (VDA) will prepare a detailed report along the route/alignment with the possible expenses and possibilities of passengers.

This entire action plan will be made under the supervision of the government. Railway consultancy firm RITES Limited has been given the responsibility to prepare the revised feasibility report. On Wednesday, Principal Secretary Urban Housing Manoj Kumar held a virtual meeting with local officials on the possibilities of the light metro project.

After the provision of light metro in Tier-2 cities in the budget, the possibilities of the light metro rail system in Varanasi are getting strengthened. In the first phase, the light metro route between the proposed Tarana to Lanka was discussed on Wednesday. Local officials said that the maximum number of passengers is expected on this route. Principal Secretary suggested including the Cant to Godoulia route and Tarna to Cant route also in the survey.

In Varanasi, surveys of metro and light metro have been conducted at many levels. In such a situation, DPR should be prepared afresh with the help of experts. It has been said that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, who came to Varanasi on a two-day visit this week, had instructed to work on the proposal of Light Metro. He said that through the government, an effort will be made to get this project approved by the central government.

It was informed in the meeting that in the coming days, a provision can be made for the operation of the light metro in the budget of the state government. In this case, the development authorities should prepare themselves and start working with the team of experts to take this project on the ground.

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