RITES to conduct study for multi-modal integration planning for Surat Metro Rail project

Naomi Pandya Posted on: 2020-10-19 15:11:00 Viewer: 692 Comments: 0 Country: India City: Surat

RITES to conduct study for multi-modal integration planning for Surat Metro Rail project (Photo: RITES Ltd)

Ahmedabad, India (Urban Transport News): The Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation Limited (GMRC) has issued a letter of acceptance (LoA) to Railway consultancy firm RITES Limited for carrying out a study for multi-modal integration planning for the proposed Surat Metro Rail project in Gujarat, India.

"RITES has received an order for the study of the multi-modal integration planning for Surat Metro. Involving the planning and design of passenger dispersal facilities at about 35 metro stations on 2 corridors at Surat Metro, the study will span over 12 months," said a statement issued by RITES Limited on Monday.

GMRC on 25th June 2020 had invited tender for the engagement of consultancy services for the development of a multi-modal integration plan for (1) Corridor-I from Sarthana (Ch:0.0) to Dream City (Ch: 20710.30m) - 20 stations and (2) Corridor - II from Bhesan (Ch: 0.0 m) to Saroli (Ch: 17341.80m) - 18 stations under Syurat Metro Rail project (Phase I). The estimated value of the work was Rs 4.74 crore.

According to the tender notice, RITES has to provide consultancy services for Planning of Multi-Modal Integration at Stations for Surat Metro Rail, Phase-1, Corridors- 1 & 2. The stretch between Kadarsha Ni Nal to the Dream City of Corridor-1 is “Priority Reach” and the planning for all the ten stations in this stretch is to be taken up on priority.

About 40.35 km of the Surat Metro Rail project has been proposed with two corridors consisting of 38 stations on the model of TOD (Transit Oriented Development) station having Property Development around the station. Its two corridors Sarthana to Dream City and Bhesan to Saroli traverses across the city in the east-west and south west-north east direction respectively, covering important origins and destinations. However, its reach will not be enough to reach all origins and destinations in the city.

Hence, it is necessary to ensure that Metro Rail networks are integrated with existing transport modes and services to cope-up with the inter-city traffic volumes. Surat Metro is planning for a Multi-modal Integration System to match the comfort, convenience and secured access of public to metro stations.

For more details, please explore the Surat Metro page of Urban Transport News. 

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Joseph Farley 19-10-2020

The Surat Metro Rail project could prove the exponential gains in cargo throughput. (conveyable/package), including cold chain. As a "line-balancing" feeder, this trunk line metro rail can interconnect with endless city smart cargo hubs which feed endless metro "low floor" cargo busses, & "low floor" street vans, cargo bikes, as well as double-deck regional highway trailers. RFID/IoT, RO-RO carts, including cold chain, link the system as they are very fast transfer vehicles the offer upstream unitization & downstream selectivity.