Revenue expenditure in Delhi Metro more than London and New York: CSE report

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Revenue expenditure in Delhi Metro more than London and New York: CSE report

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): It has been said by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) that in the rail-based arrangement of the global level, not only the cities of developing countries, but the developed countries are also cheap and more network expands than Delhi Metro. While refuting the statement of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), the CSE has said that in their studies, it has also found that even on cities like London and New York, people earn their income on the Metro by 13.5 and 4.6 percent respectively.

In Delhi, people have to spend 14 per cent of their income on the Metro. The statement of the CSE has come after the DMRC's denial about recent CSE study report is misleading. CSE has said that the debate over public transport and arrangements after its report is positive. There is no synergy between demand and supply of public transport in many smaller cities, not only in Delhi.

UBS estimation CSE has said that on the basis of the UBS study report, famous for financial services at the global level, the Delhi Metro Rail service was said to be the second most expensive service compared to the nine developing countries of the world, in which 10 in the rail based system in the respective cities For travel a kilometer, the rent has to be paid less than half of a US dollar. CSE said that the DMRC statement is wrong that the concerned study is unilateral or misleading.

Revenue expenditure on metro in these cities CSE has said that in Delhi, Delhi Metro has to spend 14 per cent of the revenue to use the metro, while in Hong Kong the cost of the metro is 2.9 per cent. This is 6.6 percent of Paris's expenditure. 5.3 percent in Beijing, 5.2 percent in Seoul, 5.7 percent in Shanghai, 4.6 percent in New York and even the total income on the Metro in London is 13.5 percent.

Not even after fare feature After paying the full amount of the ticket to reach a destination, if a passenger passes in the middle journey and he reaches the same destination from another transport then he has to pay a separate fare to another transport, whereas many of the world due to integrated public transport policy in cities, a passenger does not have to pay the money again to interchange and reach the destination. In such a situation, will Delhi Metro be able to give such facility to the passengers?

Improve quality of all types of transport CSE has found in its study that many other study reports proves the fact that every person in Delhi has to spend 10 to 15 per cent of his income on transport. If people spend 15 per cent of the minimum expenditure on the transport, then one-third of Delhi's population will be deprived of basic transportation services. CSE has said that it is not just talking about the metro but it is being negotiated to improve the quality of all types of transport and keeping the tariff tight, it should be considered.

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