Monorail in Chandigarh not financially viable, may spoil city’s character

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Monorail in Chandigarh not financially viable, may spoil city’s character

Chandigarh/Urban Transport News: The Population in Chandigarh is fairly dispersed and there’s not a single corridor, which is highly dense. Even the travel demand is evenly distributed. Public transport needs to be strengthened, which should have a wider network, said OP Aggarwal, former joint secretary, Union ministry of urban development.

After many round studies best public transportation systems, the City Administration found that the Monorail is not financially viable. The Monorail needs an elevated track, which is not only costly but will spoil the character of the city.

During an emergency, the immediate exit is not possible, said Surinder Bahga, member of the advisory committee on UTs, the ministry of home affairs.

Why Metro project was rejected During the home minister’s advisory committee meeting in New Delhi in July 2017, to the metro project in Chandigarh, terming it non-viable, and had asked the officers to look for alternative modes of transport, said Rajnath Singh.

The UT officers had admitted that at Rs 14,000 crore, the project isn’t financially feasible; the transport that was proposed needs to be used by 40,000-70,000 passengers.

It would uproot the city. As a solution to traffic congestion, she had proposed a ring road; said Member of Parliament Kirron Kher has been against the project.

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