Industry Talks: An on-demand one to one live interaction program with Industry leaders

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Industry Talks: An on-demand one to one live interaction program with Industry leaders

Urban Transport News and Metro Rail Today have jointly launched an on-demand one-to-one Virtual Interaction Programme to discuss with Industry Leaders on the current trending topics in the Rail, Metro, Construction and Transportation industry.

1. Objective/Purpose: The purpose of Industry Talks is to create awareness on the development in railway, metro & transportation industry including new innovations, technology development, and the government’s initiative towards development of these sectors.

2. How to Participate: The Guest can submit their willingness mentioning his/her availability to join the programme via email to  or he/she can directly call us on our phone number +91-9343558967. We will schedule the programme and create a dedicated link to join the same on the scheduled date and time. The programme can be rescheduled in case of any urgency or change on either side.

3. Types of Industry Talk: The programme has been designed for both promotional and non-promotional purposes. 

In non-promotional programmes we generally discuss and seek the opinion of the guest speaker on current industry trends including recent developments, govt. initiative, role of private players and other associated events happening in the industry. 

In the promotional programme we talk about the professional journey of the guest speaker, success story of business, salient features of their product and services, market presence, short term & long-term goals and contribution of his/her company in the development of the industry. This helps the businesses to increase their visibility in Indian as well as global markets. 

4. Industry Covered: Under this special industry talk programme we are covering all the business & verticals directly or indirectly involved in Railways, Metro, Construction and Transportation sectors. They could be construction firms, system suppliers, EPC companies, project management firms, consultancies firms, R&D organisations, and Govt. Authorities/ Metro Operators.

5. Benefits to Industries: Industry Talk programme helps to increase awareness among professionals and businesses on recent development in the rail, metro and transportation industry. It also helps planners and new business people to make their future plans and set their goals accordingly. 

6. Platform to be used: The industry talk show is being conducted through a dedicated virtual platform and it is streaming at various social media channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter etc. where we have more than 50,000 followers. The guest will have to connect through the latest version of laptop or PC having a good speed internet connection. A pre-trial session can be arranged by the host on request of the guest to get familiar with the virtual platform. Once confirmation is received from the guest, a dedicated link is shared in advance to join the session. 

7. Host Information: The programme is being hosted by the editorial and communication team of Urban Transport News and Metro Rail Today. You can watch our all episodes on our official YouTube channel

8. Sponsorship/Invetsment Opportunity: Sponsorship options also available for those who want to promote their businesses through our on-demand and very popular Industry Talks program.

Benefits (Deliverables):-

  • Intro at beginning of the programme: Your business name will be introduced at the beginning of the programme like "this session is sponsored/supported by........"  Personalised Topics/Questions: 
  • Personalised questions: You can discuss the journey of your company and the features of your product & services.  
  • Corporate Logo Display: You can put the logo of your company at the backdrop of Industry Talks.  
  • Corporate Video Clips: We will run some promotional short videos/advertisements during/or end of the session. 
  • Inclusion in Thanks Note: Your business name will be included in our Thanks Note while concluding the session. 
  • Coverage in Magazines and Websites: Your interview will be published in our Magazines (Urban Transport Infrastructure & Metro Rail Today) and news websites.

Interested? Please fill the willingness form online to schedule the program to join upcoming episodes.

In case of any query or clarifications, you may directly contact to our Marketing & Communications Officer Ms. Khushboo Parveen (Mobile No. +91-9343558967 or E-mail:

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