India's Vande Bharat Trains set to conquer International Markets: Railway Minister

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India's Vande Bharat Trains set to conquer International Markets: Railway Minister

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking announcement at the Global Business Summit, Indian Railways Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw revealed the country's plans to export Vande Bharat trains, marking a significant milestone for India's flagship locomotive.

The Vande Bharat trains, known for their cutting-edge technology and design, have garnered attention from several nations worldwide. Reports suggest that Indian Railways has received inquiries from multiple countries, with interest reaching as far as Chile. The potential export of Vande Bharat trains positions India as a key player in the global railway market.

To meet the growing demand and international interest, the rail ministry is actively developing the necessary manufacturing capacity. This involves creating capabilities for producing a range of components in both government-operated and private-sector units. The focus is on utilizing indigenous designs and fostering competency within the country.

Minister Vaishnaw expressed confidence in India's engineering capabilities, stating, "The challenge was to develop Vande Bharat in our country by our engineers, and the challenge has been taken very well. I can say with a good level of confidence that in the coming years, we will start exporting this train."

As of January 31, 2024, India boasts a fleet of 82 operational Vande Bharat trains. These high-speed services connect states with broad gauge (BG) electrified networks. Efforts are underway to enhance the speed of these trains to 160 kilometers per hour on key routes, such as New Delhi-Mumbai and New Delhi-Howrah.

Minister Vaishnaw shed light on the continuous development within the railway sector, stating, "Besides, the provision of stoppage of train services and the introduction of new train services, including Vande Bharat, are ongoing processes on Indian Railways subject to operational feasibility, traffic justification, resource availability, etc."

The decision to export Vande Bharat trains not only positions India as a global rail technology provider but also opens doors for international collaborations and partnerships. With the success of these trains domestically and the growing interest from abroad, India's railway industry is poised for a transformative journey on the international stage.

As the export initiative unfolds, Vande Bharat trains are set to showcase India's engineering prowess, contributing to the nation's standing as a leader in the global rail transportation landscape.

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