Delhi Metro is the second most expensive service in the world: CSE Report

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Delhi Metro is the second most expensive service in the world: CSE Report

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Delhi Metro is the second most expensive metro service in all the transportation services of the world. Recently data released by the Center for Science and Environment (CSE) has shown that a middle income group traveling from Delhi Metro spent 19.5% of their income on travel. While experts of the organization believe that a person should not spend more than 15% of the income on any kind of transport system.

On Tuesday, the CSE's two-day international conference highlighted the situation of urban transport system across the globe. Experts said that after the Hanoi in Vietnam, Delhi Metro is the second most expensive transportation system in the world. Affordability is defined as the percentage of expenditure on the travel of the total income of the passengers. This calculation is based on the report of the Fourth Fare Fixation Committee (FFC) for Delhi Metro, which shows that the monthly income of 30% of Delhi Metro passengers is within 20,000 rupees. In the case of economically weaker sections, this percentage share rises to 22% of their income.

Gautam Patel, Principal Advisor (Cooperation) Ahmedabad and Gaurav Dubey CSE Programme Manager (Clean Air and Sustainable Mobility) said that no traffic system should change their services to spend more than 15% of their earnings with their users. At the same time, in case of low income people, this expenditure should not exceed 10%. For example, an unskilled laborer earns daily wages of 534 rupees in Delhi and spends 80 rupees (15%) of his income on transport.

According to the calculation of CSE, if he travels in a non-AC bus, he will spend about 8% of his income, traveling on AC buses, 14% and traveling in Delhi Metro, then he has to spend 22%. Patel said, "There is no doubt that the quality of services provided by the Delhi Metro is good, but it is also important to keep the fares in mind." Last year, after the fourth Fare Fixation Committee (FFC) recommendations, after two hikes in May and October, the metro fare almost doubled.

After two hikes, the maximum fare increased from 30 rupees to 50 rupees and then 60 rupees. Delhi Transport Commissioner Varsha Joshi said that the need to increase the rent for improving the quality of transport network. However, they need to gradually increase. She said, "The question is, how cheap is the rent for a special quality ride. There is a possibility in the index of fare that incrementally increased fares can be increased for inflation." However, the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC), defending these fare revisions, said that they were revised after a gap of nine years, during which the electricity tariff and other costs increased by about 90%. DMRC Executive Director (Corporate Communications) Anuj Dayal said, "Fare was revised through an independent fare fixation committee, not by DMRC.

" He said that this year, Metro has expanded its network more than 60 kms and this will have a network of 350 kms in the coming months. He further said that the Delhi Metro is providing an environmentally friendly and convenient travel option and in order to maintain such infrastructure projects in the long run, periodic fare revision is mandatory.

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