Trends in the urban mobility sector that will bloom in 2023

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Trends in the urban mobility sector that will bloom in 2023

Every sector witnesses the change of trends in a very dynamic way because of various reasons. The change in consumer behaviour, change in requirements, the motive to elevate the level of experience, changing circumstances are some of the reasons which give rise to changing trends. 

The urban mobility sector also falls in the category of those sectors which are very dynamic in terms of changing trends. With 2023 almost near, it is time to see what are the trends which are going to be on the rise in the urban mobility sector. 

Here are the four major trends which we are going to see bloom in the upcoming year in the urban mobility sector: 

MaaS Adoption

We are already witnessing an uprising of digital adoption and the collaboration between tech and mobility. We are going to see technology and digital mediums working as a catalyst to boost the growth of this sector. Technology offers a simple solution for commuters to enjoy higher accessibility from point A to point B. The adoption of technology and digital mediums to elevate the level of already existing services and to bring new advancements in the sector will be on the rise in 2023. 

Single ticketing/Single QR

This is a  seamless solution to inaccessibility to information, first and last mile connectivity, and the need for digital ticketing is something that we are definitely going to see in 2023. Without getting into particulars, a revolutionary solution is a work-in-progress at the moment and hopefully, will soon be rolled out in some of India’s metropolitans. This solution holds a lot of potential to enhance the services provided by the urban mobility sector. 2023 is the year when we will get to see its potential being realised for the benefit of the mobility sector.

Ride-Hailing Platforms

We’ve seen a number of new platforms propping up that offer quick and easy ride hailing, whether it’s cabs and autos, or even electric vehicles and other sustainable modes of transit. Gone are the times when people had to spend a lot of time on roads, looking for a suitable ride. The advent of ride-hailing platforms has made things a lot more hassle-free for people. These kinds of platforms have been very successful, owing to the fact that how much ease and convenience they offer to their customers in terms of mobility. We are going to see more of this in 2023. 

Switching to Sustainable Transportation/Uptake in EVs (Public and Private)

Brands, industries and Government agencies not just in India but across the globe are attempting to create a bigger impact and smaller carbon footprint. People are also making efforts at individual levels to minimise the detrimental impact vehicles have on the environment. According to the Kantar study, bicycle traffic in major cities will increase worldwide by 18 percent by 2030, people preferring walking as a medium of mobility will also rise by 15 percent and there will be a 6% rise in use of public transport. 

With climate change looming over the globe, this is the need of the hour and that is evident across industries. 2023 is going to see a boom in the number of sustainable/EV options and environmental consciousness and it is also going to witness a large number of people embracing the concept of EVs. 

These are the major trends which will be on the rise in 2023. Apart from these, we can expect to see some other trends taking place which  might arise due to change in circumstances. 

With 2023 bringing along with it these significantly transforming trends, we are definitely going to see the urban mobility sector blooming with new opportunities.

This article is authored by Hiranmay Mallick, Co-founder and CEO, Tummoc. Tummoc is the first Made-in-India multi-modal patented transit app to help you with real-time public transport information and last-mile connectivity.

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