Smart Mobile Ticketing: The answer to the COVID crisis

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Smart Mobile Ticketing: The answer to the COVID crisis

Due to unexpected circumstances, personal hygiene has become crucial in 2020. As physical contact with other humans or devices should be minimized, enabling people to perform day-to-day transactions from the comfort of their own device is key to regain customer trust and transit volume. In 2020, Public Transport Operators should focus on 4 key objectives:

  • Ensure Social Distancing
  • Reduce Cash Payments
  • Make Travel Convenient
  • Increase Revenue and Reduce Costs

A smart digital mobile ticketing solution becomes absolutely essential to achieve these objectives. First, enabling travellers to purchase tickets on their devices reinforces social distancing, as the interaction between conductors and travellers becomes redundant. There is no more cash transaction on the bus. Second, a technologically driven solution also aids in creating a sense of safety and comfort in commuter minds: an essential step to get people back to public transit. Finally, while increasing revenues, it also enables the reallocation of staff towards tasks with more value-added than selling tickets, thus reducing operating expenses.

Automated mobile ticketing has a big role to play: with a simple swipe on a smartphone app, travellers check in to access public transport. At their arrival, another swipe ends their journey. The technology then computes the price of the journey automatically and charges the right amount on the stored digital means of payment. While this technology proved its capacity to bring low-tech-affine customers segments back to Public Transportation, it also demonstrated its ability to bring back customers in times of uncertainty due to COVID19.

The aim of flexible tariffs (pay what you use, not what you don’t use) is growing, as people are required to work from home. In a price-sensitive market like India, affordability will have a major impact on people's choices of mobility. Automated mobile ticketing also enables operators to understand commuter usage behaviour, improve their tariffs to have a commuter centric approach and create better user experiences. This data-driven approach is critically important to solving last-mile connectivity problems faced by fast-growing cities that aim to improve urban mobility.

What if you could launch a digital mobile ticketing system, as convenient as smart cards, within a few weeks at no upfront costs? Safe and contactless mobile ticketing apps like FAIRTIQ are the new trend in Public Transportation in Europe. As the solution works fully hardware-less, it can be launched very fast without any initial investment. New regions can benefit from an innovative and flexible mobile ticketing solution within a few weeks. In a developing country like India, minimal reliance on hardware can be a huge boost for already cash-strapped State Road Transport Undertakings (SRTUs). It is also the only option in tier 2 and tier 3 cities that lack the critical infrastructure to enable outdated-RFID based hardware-centric solutions.

Solution providers like FAIRTIQ can enable State Road Transport Undertakings (SRTUs) across Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities to become self-reliant, overcome their challenges, and also make public transit a safe and affordable option for commuters by giving them convenience.


FAIRTIQ Ltd was founded in Switzerland in 2016 with the mission of creating leading solutions for public transport ticketing. Today it counts more than 30 clients in five countries and 50 employees. FAIRTIQ revolutionizes public transportation ticketing by drastically shortening and simplifying the purchase process for customers. In fact, customers can purchase the optimal ticket at the best price possible with one swipe on their mobile phone only. 

The Smart Mobility solution creates significant savings potential for transport companies by providing a substitute for existing, expensive distribution solutions. It increases the revenues of public transportation companies thanks to the simplification of the ticket purchase process and an increase in the number of customers. FAIRTIQ enables public transportation companies to improve their image through the introduction of a new and innovative ticket vending system. By the end of June 2020, more than 14 million journeys have been done with the mobile ticketing app. In 2020, FAIRTIQ India Pvt. Ltd. is created with the goal of enabling public transport companies to save money on distribution and increase revenue through better customer orientation. This year, FAIRTIQ India was emerged as the "Smart Mobility App of the Year" at Rail Infra and Mobility Business Digital Awards 2020.

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