Know how Digital Technology helps Maha Metro to set new records?

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Know how Digital Technology helps Maha Metro to set new records?

The expenditure incurred in March 2021 was Rs 685 crore and in FY 2020-21 was Rs 3,303 crore. The previous best was in March 2019 – Rs 669 crore and FY 2018-19 – Rs 2,894 crore. Maha Metro has thus surpassed its own previous records and proved that even the pandemic could not deter it from overcoming its targets.

5DBIM is a BIM-based approach in which individual 3DBIM components (with complete information) are linked with time information in schedule and equivalent cost information. By integrating three dimensional (3D) model with time and cost information one can view the virtual construction of the 3D model. Maha Metro has taken a pioneering step to integrate 5DBIM with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application to create ‘One Project One Platform’ thereby automating its project management process.

The challenges during the pandemic period were aplenty. The workforce had migrated to their native places; being migrant workers they left for their homes given the first available opportunity. The number of workers had thus reduced drastically. Thus the Metro Management had to fight on multiple fronts to ensure that the pace of construction work was not impacted adversely.

On one hand, it had to ensure that the morale of the workers which left remains high, while on the other it had to also transport labourers from far off places to respective work sites to maintain the pace of work. Convincing the workers to return and start work afresh was in itself a challenging task, which was well achieved by Maha Metro. Restarting the stalled work and get the workers going, was, thus, nothing short of an achievement.

“Best ever performance when conditions are the toughest and most challenging is the hardest thing to achieve. But that is what has been precisely achieved by Maha Metro in Nagpur & Pune Metro projects in March 2021 and the year 2020-21 in terms of our physical and financial progress, despite the gravest challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic through the year. This has been made possible by the use of Five Dimensional Building Information Modelling (5DBIM) system. We have achieved best-ever performance during worst times.” - Maha Metro

This explains why the highest ever expenditure incurred in the last year – despite pandemic and other manpower-related issues – is of immense importance to the Maha Metro team. In the process, the organization not just ensured that the pace of project work remained undisturbed, but it also surpassed all previous records to prove that even the pandemic is no hurdle if one desires to perform and gives their best shot.

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