Revfin and Shoffr revolutionize financial inclusion and Urban Mobility in India

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Revfin and Shoffr revolutionize financial inclusion and Urban Mobility in India

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): In a groundbreaking collaboration, Revfin, a trailblazer in advancing financial inclusion in India, and Shoffr, an electric vehicle (EV) taxi service based in Bangalore, have joined forces following Shoffr's successful inaugural year in operation.

Since its inception in November 2022, Shoffr has swiftly become the gold standard in transportation, distinguishing itself through impeccable service, courteous drivers, and a customer-centric approach. The fleet has now grown substantially to encompass over 40 electric vehicles, all BYD e6, thanks to the strategic collaboration with Revfin, which initially provided Shoffr with four BYD e6 electric vehicles. This expansion not only underscores the success of Shoffr but also emphasizes the shared commitment of Revfin and Shoffr to enhance urban mobility.

While Shoffr's fleet has expanded quantitatively, it has also seen significant improvements in performance metrics, with asset utilization consistently exceeding 75 percent. The Shoffr fleet has collectively covered over a million clean kilometers across thousands of rides, a testament to the company's dedication to providing efficient and sustainable transportation options in Bangalore.

The collaboration between Revfin and Shoffr places a strong emphasis on environmental impact. Their ambition extends beyond Bangalore, aiming to deploy a fleet of electric vehicles that will substantially mitigate carbon emissions. This strategic move aligns with their shared mission to revolutionize transportation, offering an enhanced customer experience while making meaningful contributions to environmental sustainability. The ultimate goal is to pave the way for a more sustainable future by improving urban mobility and reducing carbon emissions, representing a crucial step forward.

Sameer Aggarwal, the CEO, and Founder at Revfin, expresses the significance of this collaboration, stating, “Through our partnership with Shoffr, we’re not just redefining transportation; we’re transforming the landscape of urban mobility. Our joint efforts mark a significant stride towards a future where financial inclusion and sustainable transportation go hand in hand.”

Vikas Bardia, Founder & CEO of Shoffr, echoes this sentiment, saying, “Shoffr has come a long way in just one year to establish itself as the gold standard of rides and become a favorite among commuters in Bangalore. RevFin has been an early believer in Shoffr, and we’re delighted to strengthen our partnership as we grow.”

In conclusion, the collaboration between Revfin and Shoffr represents a significant milestone in the realms of financial inclusion and urban mobility. Their shared vision goes beyond the enhancement of customer experience, aiming to create a future where these two critical aspects—financial inclusion and sustainable transportation—work synergistically. As Shoffr continues to lead the way in providing top-tier transportation services, powered by Revfin’s support, the impact on both the environment and urban mobility is poised to be transformative.

This collaboration stands as a testament to the positive change that can be achieved when businesses prioritize not only financial success but also environmental responsibility. As Revfin and Shoffr chart a course towards a more sustainable and inclusive future, their partnership sets a precedent for others to follow in the pursuit of excellence in both business and social impact.

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