MMRDA calls bid to install solar systems at Mumbai Monorail stations

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MMRDA calls bid to install solar systems at Mumbai Monorail stations

Mumbai India (Urban Transport News): The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is exploring measures to reduce the cost of operation of the country's first monorail which is running in the loss since its operation. Solar energy can emerge as a major alternative to this.

In this regard, the Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is planning to set up solar systems on all Mumbai monorail stations. To implement the solar systems at Mumbai Monorail stations, the MMRDA has issued a tender notice for installation, operation, and maintenance. The idea of using solar energy has come to MMRDA when it deposited an electricity bill of about Rs.27 lakhs of Mumbai monorail recently.

An agency asked the question from MMRDA about this huge amount on the electricity bill. After this, the experts suggested and believed that if the solar power system they install at all monorail stations, it would reduce the cost of monorail operations. An MMRDA official said that energy consumption will increase if the monorail starts between Chembur and Mahalaxmi section. That is why establishing a solar power system will save money on a large scale.

Installing the solar system will reduce the consumption of electricity by up to 20 percent. Solar energy can be used for station lights, elevators, escalators, and water pumps. According to the tender notice issued on behalf of MMRDA, the interested companies are called apply and maintain solar energy systems can apply till December 26. This contract will be for 25 years.

Monorail will start in January from Jacob Circle A senior MMRDA official has expressed the possibility of starting monorail from Chembur to Jacob Circle by January 2019. He said that having this monorail route would be very convenient for the Mumbaiites. At present, the Mumbai monorail is being operated from Chembur to Wadala.

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