Hitachi, JR East collaborate to develop full-Digital Substation System for Railway Electrification

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Hitachi, JR East collaborate to develop full-Digital Substation System for Railway Electrification

Tokyo, Japan (Urban Transport News): East Japan Railway Company (JR East) and Hitachi, Ltd. (Hitachi) have announced a collaborative effort to develop a full-digital substation system, scheduled for implementation in fiscal year 2025. This innovative system aims to enhance the stability of railway transportation by ensuring a reliable supply of electricity and optimizing construction efficiency.

Key Features of the Full-Digital Substation System

  • Stable Power Supply: The new system achieves complete dual configuration of transmission lines and protection/control functions within substations. This redundancy ensures that even in the event of equipment failure, the system can continue to operate, resulting in a more reliable power supply for railway operations.

  • Space-Saving and Efficiency: The system consolidates and downsizes monitoring control panels and protective relay panels into an integrated unit, a development by Hitachi. Additionally, by utilizing fiber optic technology for transmitting information from network equipment to on-site units, the number of control cables is reduced by approximately 90%. These advancements significantly save space and improve construction efficiency.

  • Adoption of International Standards: The system adopts the international standard IEC61850, enhancing compatibility and reducing the risks associated with introducing new systems. This marks the first introduction of a digital substation system based on IEC61850 by a domestic railway company in Japan.

Commencement of Use

The installation of the full-digital substation system is scheduled to begin at the Koiwa AC substation from fiscal year 2025 onwards. The plan includes a phased approach, with equipment installation commencing in fiscal year 2024, the use of 22,000 volt equipment in fiscal year 2025, the removal of old 22,000 volt equipment and installation of 66,000 volt equipment in fiscal year 2026, and the use of 66,000 volt equipment starting in fiscal year 2027.

This development underscores Hitachi and JR East's commitment to advancing the railway electrification system, ensuring greater reliability, efficiency, and adherence to international standards in the transportation sector.

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