Five Important Safety Tips for Taxi Drivers

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Five Important Safety Tips for Taxi Drivers

It is a volatile time for those in the private hire vehicle industry; between petrol shortages making it harder for taxi drivers to meet their quota day-to-day, and emerging reports showing that 93% of taxi drivers received racial abuse on the job, a crucial – but often thankless – line of work continues to disincentivise new recruits. But with the vast majority of customers a joy to serve, and demand for taxi rides higher than ever, the job remains a lucrative and rewarding prospect. So how can you make yourself feel safe while at work? Here are five tips to keep you safe on the road.

1. Clean Your Windows

This might seem a peculiar first suggestion, but windows clear of grime and condensation allow a clear view out – and in. You can survey arriving customers before they reach your door, and passers-by can also see in – increasing the chances of intervention in the event of an attempted assault or robbery. For the same reason, it is a good idea to avoid tinted windows in your taxi.

2. Review Your Vehicle’s Security

You want to be sure that when your car doors are locked, there is no chance of lockpicking or forced entry – whether to access goods left in the vehicle overnight or for your own safety on night shifts. If your cab is old enough to require a key for entry, you might want to take a look at more up-to-date taxis for sale, with improved immobilizers, alarm systems and windows.

3. Use a Dashcam

A dashcam is an essential piece of technology for taxi drivers in the 21st century; with more than 300 dangerous driving prosecutions per month due to dashcam footage, they have proven a valuable tool in making roads – and taxi cabs – safer. The camera acts as a deterrent for antisocial behaviour in the cab, and in the event of a crime, the footage can be used to prosecute.

 4. Keep Cash to a Minimum

Carrying any amount of cash, whether your float for the day or a full evening’s fares, makes you a target for robbery. In an increasingly cashless society, a simple solution for the private taxi driver could be to invest in a portable contactless card machine. If you share your taxi lease or work for a private firm, regular stops to drop off takings could lead to less loss of earnings.

 5. Do Not Resist

On the subject of takings – in the event that you do become the target of a robbery, do not resist. The temporary loss of your takings is a preferable outcome to potentially serious injury at the hands of a robber. If you work for a firm, they will likely have private-hire insurance and your takings can be reimbursed.

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