Urban Transport News launches Metro Rail Today Magazine for Rail and Metro Industry

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Urban Transport News launches Metro Rail Today Magazine for Rail and Metro Industry

Dear Readers

I am very excited to announce that we have finally launched our new magazine Metro Rail Today and it is no longer ours but it has become a public asset. Indeed it was a long desire of Urban Transport News to bring such a magazine specifically for the Metro and Rail sectors.

These sectors have a great future ahead and they play a very crucial role in the overall development of public transit systems of any nation. Whether it be Metro projects or RRTS, everything is going to get due coverage in this magazine in the near future. Our editorial team has worked rigorously to bring a product that you will surely find worthy I hope.

A lot of developments are happening in the Metro and Rail Sectors and this magazine will be covering those aspects of these sectors with a unique approach. As you already have this first issue of the magazine in your hand, I hope that you will surely love reading it.

The aims and scope of the new magazine are ambitious but at the same time very simple; to promote and spread high-quality innovation in rail and metro sectors by publishing peer-reviewed original works. It is published for an international audience of scholars, industry professionals, and like-minded people interested in keeping up-to-date with recent development and rail and metro sectors across the world. Our website elaborates the aims and scope somewhat further by saying that rail and metro sectors are the spines of transport infrastructure and we should keep the focus on realistic development.

In the very first edition, we have featured the developments about the Lucknow Metro which celebrated its anniversary recently. Our scope is very genuine and we are hopeful that this magazine will surely be able to connect different stakeholders of the Metro and Rail sectors. Although we haven't much focused on the traditional Rail networks, we continue to provide a deep insight into the developments of the new Rail technologies and the changes which make the sector fast-growing.

We have covered the interviews of Kumar Keshav, Managing Director, UPMRC and Anil Munjal, CEO, Riello Power India. The two people have made a huge success in their respective fields and we have brought the insights directly from the industry.

The journey for Metro Rail Today has finally begun and I hope that you will love to have it on your desk.

Here is the link to Download or Read Online our First Issue of Metro Rail Today

Please share your valuable feedback on the content of this edition so that we can improve and provide more useful information on our future issues.

Stay Safe and Stay Happy!

Mamta Shah

Managing Editor


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