RVNL and Frauscher Sensonic sign MoU for implementing Smart Rail Infrastructure

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RVNL and Frauscher Sensonic sign MoU for implementing Smart Rail Infrastructure

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): Indian Railways' infrastructure arm Rail Vkas Ngam Nigam Limited (RVNL) has taken another important step to implement a smart way of managing railway infrastructure. The company has entered into a Memorandum of Undertaking (MoU) with Frauscher Sensonic India at New Delhi today.

With strong experience in providing global railway operators with real-time data on train movements and their infrastructure’s health, Frauscher Sensonic will support Indian Railways in increasing efficiency, safety and reliability. Driving future-proof solutions together

The MoU was signed by Ajit Singh (Executive Director – Corporate Coordination and Business Development), RVNL and Alok Sinha, Director of Board, Frauscher Sensonic India.

“Sensonic continuously aims to be the trailblazer in being one of the top AI and data-based learning solution providers in our esteemed industry. Introducing this approach has begun to change the way the rail organisations operate and manage their assets. Our innovative solution empowers the rail infrastructure managers with the actionable information on train tracking, track defect monitoring and security aspects by detecting activities such as digging or walking in the vicinity of tracks. Moreover, our new business models were well received in Europe and South America lately. There we introduced the markets to our model of providing lifetime obsolescence management and end-to-end maintenance support through an innovative Software as a Service approach. Under the leadership and with the relentless support of RVNL we now have the perfect platform to bring this knowledge to India and develop it further to indigenise our solution for the Indian ecosystem”, said Alok Sinha, Director of Board, Frauscher Sensonic India.

“Ever since the inception of our company, we have put massive value on collaboration with reputable institutes to accelerate our work in railway and AI domain, amongst which are Johannes-Kepler University in Austria, the Microsoft Unicorn Program or the Innovate UK Smart Grant. In that spirit, it goes without saying that we are really proud of being associated with RVNL. It's not just the pride but a sense of excitement that reverberates within Sensonic may it be in India, UK, Austria or within our shareholders – we're all looking forward to this collaboration,” said Deep Desai, CCO, Frauscher Sensonic.

Frauscher Sensonic is a tech start-up which is the brainchild of Frauscher Sensor Technology. The company’s solution allows its users to monitor entire networks at any given moments in time. As a base, a digital twin of all vibrations occurring along these networks is created. From this, using latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning approaches to train smart algorithms, Sensonic derives information that give unparalleled historical and real-time insights as well as the ability to predict the future. This holistic view revolutionises the way in which decisions can be made, taking railway operations to the highest level.

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