Private operators can also run metro trains on Delhi Metro track: MoHUA

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Private operators can also run metro trains on Delhi Metro track: MoHUA

New Delhi (Urban Transport News): In the coming days, like Delhi's cluster buses, private operators' metro trains may also be run on the track of Delhi Metro. The Board of Directors of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) has given permission to the Delhi Metro to invite private operators to buy their trains and operate them on the Metro track. The Delhi Metro will guarantee the minimum passenger volume for such operators. According to Durga Shankar Mishra, secretary of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), the Delhi Metro Board has cleared it.

He told that the Delhi Metro has been given the option to rent Metro trains for some routes if they want. But the second option is also given to ask private operators that they run trains on Delhi Metro track. Since the Delhi Metro has complete data of the passenger, therefore the Delhi Metro will guarantee operators that at least the passenger will travel daily in their trains. In this way, on the basis of per passenger or on a km basis train operators can send their proposals to the Delhi Metro. In fact, three years ago, Delhi Metro had prepared a proposal to buy more than three hundred additional coaches in view of the increasing mobility of passenger and this proposal was sent to Delhi Government and Central Government. But the government of Delhi has not yet approved the proposal.

For this reason, these options have been searched for the Delhi Metro. According to Mishra, the board of Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has given its approval to the Delhi Metro to proceed in this direction. One advantage of running private trains of private operators will be to buy trains and then the cost of maintenance is not to be paid to the metro. In this way, the cost of the metro operation will decrease. Its direct impact will be on the financial condition of the Delhi Metro.

Clearly, the benefit of this will be that the cost will not be needed to increase the rent to Delhi Metro due to low cost, which will only benefit the passenger. Expenditure to be increased to 4500 crores from the Underground Station On the ongoing agitation between the Delhi Government and the Center for making the underground Hazard Nizamuddin station of the proposed Rapid Rail (RRTS) between Delhi-Meerut, the Ministry said that if this station is made Underground, its cost will increase to 4.5 billion rupees. Officials of the ministry said that the advantage of making this station elevated is that the elevation of the station will enable the people to travel easily from Rapid Rail station through Nizamuddin station, bus station, and metro station through SkyWalk.

But with the formation of the Underground, the biggest impact will be on the cost, whose burden will eventually be in the pocket of the passenger. Though half of this cost will be borne by the Centre and half Delhi government, later the fare will be more due to an increase in the cost of the project.


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