NCRTC to appoint ESIA Consultant for Delhi-SNB-Alwar RRTS corridor

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NCRTC to appoint ESIA Consultant for Delhi-SNB-Alwar RRTS corridor

New Delhi, India (Urban Transport News): The National Capital Region Transport Corporation (NCRTC) today invites Request for Proposals (RFPs) from the firms for carrying out Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and submitting the report for Delhi-Gurugram-SNB RRTS corridor.

Scope of Work

In line with the requirements of the World Bank’s ESF, NCRTC now wishes to engage a Consulting Firm for the preparation of an Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) and preparation of management/mitigation instruments to address project’s E&S risks and impacts to help ensure that project is environmentally & socially sound and sustainable & contribute to the development of environmental & social development goals. It will include assessing and monitoring the environmental and social risks and impacts of the project throughout the project life cycle. The assignment would be undertaken in broadly three stages – i) Inception Stage; ii) Conducting of ESIA; iii) Preparation of commensurate ESMP/Mitigation Plans.

Objective of the assignment

As per the proposed financing scheme for this project, part of the funds required for the implementation of this RRTS corridor shall be provided by World Bank. For the loan processing purpose, Environmental and Social assessments (ESA) of the project needs to be conducted required to be prepared as per World Bank Environmental & Social Framework 99 (applicable from October 1, 2018) and applicable legal and regulatory framework of GOI and respective states.

The objectives of this assignment are as follows: a) Conduct an Environment and Social Impact Assessment in accordance with Environment and Social Standard ESS1: Assessment and Management of Environmental and Social Risks and Impacts, and will consider, in an integrated way, all relevant direct, indirect and cumulative environmental and social risks and impacts of the project i.e. Delhi (SKK)-SNB RRTS Corridor and its Associated facilities, including those specially identified according to the ESS 1 to 10; b) Based on the assessment findings, prepare commensurate mitigation plans (ESMP including plans to meet the requirement of the relevant ESS; Resettlement Action Plan, Stakeholder Engagement Plan, etc.); and c) Provide inputs to preparation of the Environment and Social Commitment Plan (ESCP).

Key Information

  • RFP No.: DA/GC/COR-OF/021
  • Issue Date: 20.07.2020
  • Work Completion Period: 180 days
  • Sale of RFP Document: 20.07.2020 to 20.308.2020
  • Pre-bid Meeting: 30.07.2020 at 1100 hrs
  • Dates of Submission of RFP: 13.08.2020 to 20.08.2020 up to 1500 hrs
  • Opening Date of Bids: 21.08.2020 at 1700 hrs

The 106.5 km Delhi-SNB-Alwar RRTS project shall be funded by the World Bank. The estimated project cost of this corridor is Rs 37,000 crores.

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