Maharashtra all set to build 235 km Pune-Nashik Semi High Speed Rail Corridor

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Maharashtra all set to build 235 km Pune-Nashik Semi High Speed Rail Corridor

Mumbai, India (Urban Transport News): The Maharashtra Government cabinet recently approved the much-awaited double line semi-high-speed rail corridor to connect Pune with Nashik within the state. The Pune-Nashik Semi High-Speed Rail project is estimated to cost Rs 16,039 crore.

Once started, the Pune-Nashik Semi HSR line would reduce the travel time between these cities from the present 6 hours to less than 2 hours (1 hour 45 minutes), boosting passenger and freight movements. It will also facilitate the creation of the Mumbai-Pune-Nashik golden triangle as an emerging economic hub. 

The Pune-Nashik Semi HSR project will be executed by the Maharashtra Rail Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited (MRIDC) which is a joint venture of the Government of Maharashtra and the Ministry of Railways, with an objective to boost rail infrastructure projects in the state by providing critical connectivity and capacity enhancement.

The project is aimed to help reduce the number of vehicles being used for transportation by roads. It will also result in several socio-economic benefits such as employment generation, bringing down the number of accidents and reduction in pollution due to vehicular traffic.


The Pune-Nashik Semi HSR corridor will connect the proposed Pune railway station and will go to Hadapsar on an elevated deck through 24 (8 major and 16 minor) stations. From Hadapsar to Nashik, the train will run at the grade level and will terminate at the Nashik Road railway station. The names of proposed stations are Pune, Hadapsar, Manjiri, Kolwadi, Wagholi, Alandi, Chakan, Rajgurunagar, Bhorwadi, Manchar, Narayangaon, Alephata, Bota, Jambut, Sakur, Ambhore, Sangamner, Devthan, Chas, Dodi, Sinnar, Mohadari, Shinde and Nashik Road.

Rolling Stock

The semi-high speed trains will initially have six coaches designed to run at a speed of 200 kilometres per hour with future increment up to 250 kmph on the broad- gauge line. The number of coaches will increase from 6 to 12 and then to 16 as per requirement. After the completion of this project, all the intercity movements and transportation of both passengers and freight will be smoother and faster.

Now the file has been sent to the central government’s cabinet committee for review and approval. Thereafter it will send to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO). Once the project gets the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities and departments, the construction activities will begin. MRIDC has already begun the land acquisition process for the project.

“Keeping business development of the area in mind, private freight terminals (PFTs) are planned at major stations such as Chakan, Manchar, Narayangaon, Alephata and Sangamner. Also, loading and unloading facilities are planned at various stations,” said an MRIDC official, adding that this proposed rail line will also augment the revenues from industries such as automobile, electronics, pharmaceuticals, sugar mills and agricultural activities in and around the project influence areas.

Fact file

  • The total length of the proposed semi-high sped rail line is 235.15 km. Out of, 21.68 km sections will be underground. The length of the longest tunnel on this route will be 6.64 km.
  • A total of 24 (major and minor) stations will be built on this corridor. The construction is expected to complete in 1200 days. 
  • A total of 19 viaducts, 18 tunnels, 41 road over bridges (RoBs) and 128 road under bridges (RuBs) are proposed.

For more details, please explore the Pune-Nashik Semi High Speed Rail page of Urban Transport News.


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