Indian Railways to launch Non-AC Push-Pull Vande Bharat Trains by October

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Indian Railways to launch Non-AC Push-Pull Vande Bharat Trains by October

Chennai, India (Urban Transport News): In a remarkable development, Indian Railways is all set to introduce a brand-new addition to its train fleet - the Vande Bharat non-AC Express. This state-of-the-art "push-pull train" is poised to make its debut by October this year, marking a significant advancement in passenger rail travel. According to a senior Railway official, this innovation is in line with Indian Railways' commitment to providing diverse travel options to its passengers.

B G Mallya, General Manager of Integral Coach Factory, revealed, "We'll be launching the sleeper version of the Vande within this financial year. We'll also be launching the Vande Metro in this financial year. And we'll be launching this train for non-air conditioned passengers, which is called a non-AC push-pull train, which will have 22 coaches and a locomotive. And that launch is going to happen before 31st October."

The upcoming push-pull Vande Bharat trains will consist of an impressive 22 coaches, featuring two locomotives - one at each end of the train. It's worth noting that the prototype of these trains has been progressing ahead of the initial rollout schedule, as reported last month. These trains are engineered for speeds of approximately 130 kmph and will offer a range of travel classes, including sleeper and second class.

Termed as 'Vande Sadharan', these trains are designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of non-AC passengers. The enhancements include an abundance of charging points, improved interiors, enhanced lighting, and upgraded restroom facilities. Reports indicate that the 22-coach train configuration will comprise 12 sleeper class coaches, 8 second sitting coaches, and two coaches specially designed for differently-abled passengers and luggage.

As Indian Railways continues to innovate and diversify its offerings, the introduction of the Vande Bharat non-AC Express is set to redefine the travel experience for passengers, setting new standards in comfort and convenience. Stay tuned for this exciting addition to India's railway network, scheduled to arrive by October.

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