Indian Railways changes plan of Nagpur-Bilaspur High Speed Rail project

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Indian Railways changes plan of Nagpur-Bilaspur High Speed Rail project

New Delhi (Urban Transport News): The Indian Railway has now changed the Nagpur-Bilaspur High-Speed Rail project and this train will run from Mumbai to Howrah. The Railway will construct the boundary of both the railway tracks for safe movement. Earlier, the Indian Railways had approved 411 km long Nagpur-Bilaspur High-Speed Rail corridor. In the first phase, the construction of the boundary wall in 9 km stretch from Bhilainagar station to Power House station was planned.

The reason behind the changes in the project is that the running of High-Speed Train between Nagpur and Bilaspur will not provide complete relief to the passengers. The distance between Nagpur and Bilaspur is too short and is not feasible for the operation of High-Speed Rail Train on the track. Central Railway will now work on new High-Speed Rail Project. For the start of the operation of the high-speed train, Indian Railways will replace 300 mm blast to 350 mm blast.

The existing signal systems will be upgraded with an advanced one. All the railway crossings have been made underbridge and overbridge to run the high-speed train. At present many accidents occur when suddenly the animals come on the track. Indian Railways has handed over this work to the Central Railway from Raipur railway division, with the change of plan of Nagpur-Bilaspur High-Speed Rail Project to Mumbai-Howrah High-Speed Rail Project. The Raipur Railway Division has transferred the fund to the Central Railway for execution of new high-speed rail corridor works.

The repayment period of the loan if any will be extended accordingly. However, it is expected to the work on new high-speed rail corridor will start soon and the Central Railway will make all attempt to complete the project within the deadline. This high-speed corridor will be second high-speed rail corridor after Mumbai-Ahmedabad High-Speed Rail Project which is under construction now.


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