First female train drivers are ready to go on board in Moscow Metro

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First female train drivers are ready to go on board in Moscow Metro

Moscow, Russia (Urban Transport News): In January 2021, Moscow Metro will roll out trains controlled by women drivers, who passed their final exam this November in the Moscow Metro training center.

17 women excellently passed their exams and are expected to undertake their position as metro train drivers on Line 4.

Beginning in March of 2020, women are enabled to train as drivers for the Moscow Metro system. Vice Mayor Maxim Liksutov announced the change on September 10, saying new trainees had been eager to sign up since registration for the March training group opened.

Disciplines while training programs were not easy: rules of technical operations of Russian metro systems, mechanic equipment, pneumatic equipment, electric equipment, and train operation.

On the Moscow Metro, women began to work as train drivers during the Great Patriotic War, when many men had gone to the war front. The first all-female train appeared on the Moscow Metro on March 8, 1942. After the war, many women continued to work as train drivers.

Driving a metro train was considered as difficult as driving a locomotive, especially since the drivers had to spend their entire shift underground, with constant noise and vibration. In the 1980s, the state banned women from working as metro train drivers, due to health concerns. However, the management of the Moscow Metro decided not to dismiss women with long work experience. They continued to work. The last woman to drive trains on the Moscow Metro was Natalya Korneyenko. She used to say that “there is more danger and stress in the streets” than in working underground. For more than 30 years, she drove trains on the Sokolnicheskaya Line 1 and resigned only in 2014.


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