Delhi Metro employee tortured brutally at workplace, admitted in Max ICU

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Delhi Metro employee tortured brutally at workplace, admitted in Max ICU

New Delhi (Urban Transport News): A Delhi Metro employee, who was brutally tortured at his workplace on Thursday, is now facing critical life situations in Max Hospital, Patparganj in New Delhi. Recently a case of misbehaving, harassment and torture at the workplace by a Delhi Metro officer with his subordinate has got viral on various social media platforms. A 23-year old metro employee Jyoti Ranjan Nayak, who is working in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) on the post of Technician in Rolling Stock (Train Maintenance Wing) at Vinod Nagar Depot, is admitted in ICU of Max Hospital, Patparganj, New Delhi.

The employee was tortured by his immediate boss Sumit Jindal, Assistant Manager in his office on Thursday and lost his state of consciousness. Nayak is a resident of Odisha and working in DMRC since December 2018. He is under probation period. On October 4, a group of 40 non-executive employees addressed their complaint to the Secretary, Staff Council who forwarded the complaint to the Managing Director of DMRC, Dr. Mangu Singh on the next day of incidence. The employees wrote that this is a routine working style of the metro officers. The officers making pressures to get more productive despite considering the situation of their subordinates. No leaves granted to non-executive employees on medical emergencies and the officers used to threat their subordinates like fire from the job, mark poor performance in their annual appraisal reports etc.

Employees are saying that the officers' behavior at the workplace is not normal. Two members of the staff council visited the depot to check the genuineness of the complaint and also raised the issue before the Rajiv Dhar Chaudhury, General Manager/HR but no action taken. Finally, they addressed their complaint to the Managing Director of DMRC. "Incidence was happened due to abnormal behaviors and the nature of Depot In-charge Kunal Kumar. He had instructed all officers to treat non-executive employees like an animal", said a non-executive employee, on condition of anonymity.

The metro administration is also well aware of Kumar's nature and transferred him more than seven times from one to another place due to several complaints against him. However, the DMRC doesn't take strict action against executives, he added. "In the past also, similar incidences happened in Mundka depot, where Kunal Kumar was posted as Manager", said another employee. Vinod Nagar depot is feeding trains to Delhi Metro's largest corridor Shiv Vihar - Majlis Park (Pink Line) after the opening of the second section of the corridor.

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